Thursday, April 9, 2009


Custom Photo Blog
THE Premier blog design for Photographers

Service Includes:
* custom background design
* slideshow header (up to 8 slides)
* link bar at top of page (up to 4 links)
* large photo space (perfect for showcasing your work!)
* custom domain name (depending on available domain names, 1 year)
* NO blogger navigation bar at top
* "about me" coded into page
* easy to use with full tech support
* favicon (the cute little symbol in your address bar.)
* custom footer at the end of each post
* divider between posts
* disable right click (protect your work!)

Extra link pages - $20 per page
Advanced Slide Show-
unlimited slides with 1 year of slide changes - $50

Logo Design:
* Custom Logo
* Photographers Stamp
* Widget
* Watermark

Custom Photo Blog & Logo Design:

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